We are a group of Los Angeles-based editors and writers who assist authors and other professionals throughout the world in turning ideas into print. Our specialties range from literary and mainstream fiction to nonfiction subjects including medicine and science, health, psychology, parenting, self-help, popular culture and the arts, business and finance, spirituality, memoir, and natural history. We also edit foreign language works.

Each of us has years of experience in the publishing industry, both in California and New York. Our clients include individual writers and authors, publishing houses, literary agents, academic institutions, book packagers, business publications and organizations, and marketing and communications professionals.

If you . . .

  • are a novelist who wants to improve your storytelling skills
  • have an idea for a book but don’t know how to pitch an agent or write a book proposal
  • need writers or editors for your company’s newsletters, Web site, or business publications
  • need to rewrite your professional materials for a general audience

. . . we’re here to help. View our list of members…

Let us guide you in maximizing your chances of attracting an agent or publisher, communicating your book idea from concept to completion, or developing the best possible book proposal.

We’ll help you bring your ideas to life!

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