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Memoir and the Art of Memory

In every memoir and personal essay class I teach, one anxiety-arousing subject always comes up: How can I be sure this is true? Students ask the question. The question calls for conversation, and I usually begin that conversation with a larger question: Why are you writing a memoir?Continue Reading

Memoir: Do I Use Their Real Names?

“Should I change the names of the people in my memoir?” This is a question that gets asked every time I work with authors who are writing about their own lives.  You can’t very well write about your life without writing about the people in your life.  None of us lives in a vacuum (except…Continue Reading

What Makes a Good Story?

Everyone loves a good story. We all know one when we read one. But what makes a good story? Recently a prospective client called me inquiring about my services, and I asked him what his novel was about. Ten minutes into his explanation, I had only a vague idea. Sure, the writer gave me lots…Continue Reading