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What Makes a Good Story?

Everyone loves a good story. We all know one when we read one. But what makes a good story? Recently a prospective client called me inquiring about my services, and I asked him what his novel was about. Ten minutes into his explanation, I had only a vague idea. Sure, the writer gave me lots…Read More

On Writing and Revelation

Writing is lonely, difficult work, and on top of that, anyone who wants to master the craft of writing fiction has to self-reveal. This surprises people. Many novelists believe that they need only lose themselves in a character, but the truth is that a writer of fiction needs to dig deep in order to feel…Read More

Writing Is Rewriting Is Rewriting Is Rewriting

Everyone’s doing it—your kindergarten teacher, your car mechanic, your acupuncturist, that nosy neighbor across the street—so why can’t you? It’s not brain surgery, after all, and the only heavy lifting required is raising finger to keyboard, and voila, you’re a writer! Or … not. Writing may not be brain surgery, but it’s definitely surgical, and…Read More