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If we want to hone our craft, we need to expose ourselves to the work of excellent writers.
Learn how this technique can help you overcome writing block and improve your writing.
Writing and publishing are more than just words on paper or in electronic files. Books often involve legal questions, marketing plans, and social media networking.
Need a writing mentor? An author coach can help you hone your skill and keep you a schedule.
It is critical to learn how, when, and why to rely on an editor's experience and wisdom. Too often what could and should be a beautiful partnership turns into a struggle, for both the writer and the editor.
Your author platform can be among the most important factors in determining whether or not your book gets published. But what exactly is it?
Writers come to workshops for a variety of reasons – support, alliance with other writers, to grouse about the business of publishing, and for critique. Is a workshop right for you?