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The Writer-Editor Relationship

It is critical to learn how, when, and why to rely on an editor’s experience and wisdom. Too often what could and should be a beautiful partnership turns into a struggle, for both the writer and the editor.

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The Wild West of indie publishing

The Wild, Wild West of Indie Publishing

Independent publishing has been around for as long as publishing itself, but what is new about it is how it is flourishing. Today the question of what to do with your manuscript is “context dependent,” meaning that the right path will vary depending on the book, the audience, and the year.

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Memoir and the Art of Memory

In every memoir and personal essay class I teach, one anxiety-arousing subject always comes up: How can I be sure this is true? Students ask the question. The question calls for conversation, and I usually begin that conversation with a larger question: Why are you writing a memoir?

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