Antoinette Scully

Antoinette Scully, sensitivity reader“Antoinette’s ability to provide specific, succinct, and useful feedback on working drafts of my graduate thesis is something I’ve come to rely on. She not only provides fruitful insights into the experience of reading my work but also asks questions that challenge the writer to communicate with clarity and confidence. As a former newspaper editor and English instructor, I appreciate the level of skill and experience that produces Antoinette’s reliable criticism.” — Takisha Jacobs, Editor, Writer, Academic

When I started my literary career, people told me I was limiting myself because it was too narrowly focused. But that turned out to be the best decision possible.

With a background in Black-feminist scholarship and social justice activism, my literary work helps celebrate the stories that get passed over. From general writing consultations to in-depth (and on-going) seminars and resources, I provide an understanding and guidance to build inclusive literary spaces through the knowledge and understanding of Literary Activism.

I gravitate toward speculative fiction, creative nonfiction, young adult, and children’s literature. My care and compassion for Black Literary Arts stem from the foundations of Octavia Butler, Toni Morrison, and Zora Neale Hurston. Growing up in Hurston’s hometown, surrounded by her work and observations, had some of the most significant impacts on my work as an adult.

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