Rena Copperman

Rena Copperman, Los Angeles editor & writerAs a production manager, I oversee projects for writers, publishers, and businesses from manuscript through printed copies. My goal is to provide clients with the most professional services, including line editing, copyediting, design, page makeup, final disk, and printed copies, within budget and time constraints.

Past projects have included textbooks, fiction, self-help, current events, monographs, government documents, cookbooks, fitness and health, inspiration, music, and business.

“Our editor, Rena Copperman was so committed to this project and gave of her time above and beyond the call of duty.” —Ann Louise Gittleman, The Fat Flush Fitness Plan.

“Rena Copperman, ‘The Fixer,’ able to pull it all together without ever losing her sense of humor.” —Joanie Greggains, The Fat Flush Fitness Plan.

“Rena J. Copperman was the consummate professional, who took an unruly manuscript and nurtured it into a real book. Throughout this process, her ability to attend to minute details while holding on to the big picture was a source of inspiration and comfort.” — Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson, The Bedside Torah.

“Especially without Rena Copperman, who probably pored over the text of this opus several hundred times (how did you not go blind?), 90 Days to a High Performance Team would be a self-published white paper, instead of the highly-polished, professionally edited McGraw Hill book that this is.” — Christopher R. DeVany, 90 Days to a High-Performance Team

“Rena Copperman and her team were dedicated to this project and their attention to detail throughout the editing process is greatly appreciated.” — Mary Scannell, The Big Book of Conflict Resolution Games

Contact Information:

Calabasas, California
Tel: (818) 222-6660
Fax: (818) 591-8130


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