Tricia Nelson

Tricia Nelson, Los Angeles writer and editorTricia Nelson is a writer, editor, web producer, content creator, brand strategist, and multiplatform storyteller.

She’s a wordsmith with flair whose reporting has appeared in print, magazine, and online outlets. She’s an editor who writes a cross-section of corporate/marketing collateral and scripts, motivates writers, produces style guides, and has the skills to transform pedestrian text into snappy copy. She’s a strategist who can mine for unique brand stories. She’s a tech insider and closet academic who can translate jargon, making unintelligible gobbledygook universally accessible. She’s an intuitive communicator. She’s an entrenched pop culture savant, always a step ahead of the zeitgeist.

Tricia’s digital career has run the gamut from children’s content (Disney Online) to celebrities (,; from cable TV (Scripps Networks) to tech (TiVo). 

Her areas of expertise/interest are lifelong learning, classic film, travel, fitness, volunteerism, social justice, and all things Disney. She’s a longtime Emmy voter (Interactive Media peer group/TV Academy), member of Film Independent, a founding supporter of the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, and serves on the Board of Directors of the Griffith Observatory Foundation.

Contact Information:

Los Angeles, California / New York, NY


Services Provided:

Business & Corporate Content Copyediting & Line Editing> Web Content Proofreading Manuscript Critique/Evaluation