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Writer & Editor Sharon GoldingerPeopleSpeak can help ensure that your nonfiction book stands up to the scrutiny of editors, publishers, book reviewers, and book buyers.

PeopleSpeak has been offering professional editing and writing services for more than 15 years, helping individuals and organizations shape and finalize their nonfiction works. We also provide content editing, copyediting, proofreading, production management and book shepherding services.

We pay close attention to every detail. We can eliminate wordiness, review content for accuracy and logic, and ensure proper tone for the intended audience. To maximize the professionalism of your next project, we check punctuation, grammar, spelling, writing transitions, consistency, conformance to style, and subject-verb agreement.

Our book shepherding services include leading clients through the often-complicated publishing process to help produce exceptional and award-winning books. We consult on strategic guidance, marketing plans and author platforms as well as coordinate many facets of marketing (including public relations, advertising, speaking, social media, networking, partnering with organizations).

All our work is thorough and comprehensive—we have an eye for details.

“Your involvement in and support for Berrett-Koehler have been a huge blessing to us. The list of BK projects that PeopleSpeak has edited and proofread is amazing.”
Steve Piersanti, Publisher, Berrett-Koehler Publishers

“I cannot tell you how impressed I am with your incredible sensitivity to and command of the English language. Thank you very much for the wonderful job that you have done, word for word and line for line, editing this book.”
Brian Tracy, author, Eat That Frog and The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success

“Sharon has helped in every area of the creation and marketing of my six books (idea development, organization, editing, proposals, etc.). They would not have happened without her.”
Steve Martin, author, Heavy Hitter Selling and Heavy Hitter Sales Linguistics

“If you need a book shepherd, Sharon Goldinger is the person to see. Her editing was the most thorough, precise, and far reaching I ever encountered in my publishing experience. The people she referred me to for cover design, interior design, and indexing were absolutely top notch. She gave me consistently honest, useful advice at every step of the process, ensuring a really professional product. Once the book was done, she remained available for consultation, advising me on every aspect of post-production: marketing, ebook production, reprints, distribution, you name it. I can't imagine anyone doing a better job for me than she did.”
Jon Frederickson, author, Co-Creating Change: Effective Dynamic Therapy Techniques, and The Lies We Tell Ourselves

“Of all the editors I've had, Sharon is the best.”
William A. Gordon, Publisher, North Ridge Books


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