This is the final read and last line of defense before publication. A proofreader examines the designed, typeset version of your book, which will most likely be a PDF from the InDesign publishing program or else hard-copy page proofs, and will not only catch typos and confirm the copyeditor’s decisions but will scan for additional typographical issues—line breaks, widows, word breaks, headers and footers, page numbering, headings, and font consistency.


  • Kate Zentall

    Writer, co-writer, editor, copyeditor, web content creator & producer, marketing communications specialist, book shaper. Memoir, personal history, parenting, lifestyle, psychology, relationships, profiles, food, self-help, entertainment, products, travel, personal statements, blogs.

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  • Deborah A. Lott, MFA

    Writing, editing: psychology, psychiatry, public health, social science, medicine, particularly gastroenterology, internal medicine, and cardiology, memoir, autobiography and nonfiction narratives; research.

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  • Nomi Isak

    Writer, coach, and developmental editor, Nomi specializes in collaboration and ghostwriting, as well as guiding authors through the process of writing their own books. She also coaches clients experiencing writer’s block and helps authors create and meet deadlines.

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  • Monica Faulkner

    Editorial, project management, online marketing, and speaker support services for fiction and nonfiction authors; proposals; screenplays; business marketing materials (written and online).

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  • Suzanne Mantell

    Editing and writing, books and articles. Narrative nonfiction. Memoir. Pop culture. High culture. Arts journalism. Profiles. Animals and people. Psychology. Literary fiction.

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  • Sharon Goldinger

    Content editing, copyediting, proofreading, production management, book shepherding, and publishing consulting for nonfiction trade books, including business, health, self-help, and legal. We also edit websites, blogs, and marketing materials.

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