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Learn how this technique can help you overcome writing block and improve your writing.
Shifting the way you think about your book goals can help you get to the end more easily.
LAEWG members reflect on the source of some of the influences and insight that made a lasting impression on their professional lives.
As contemporary writers, we can still benefit tremendously by listening to the words we've written. In fact, reading our work aloud is an essential step in the writing process.
Is the internet today's primary research tool? Can it, as it did for Weir, substitute for direct experience? The answer is—yes and no.
In every memoir and personal essay class I teach, one anxiety-arousing subject always comes up: How can I be sure this is true? Students ask the question. The question calls for conversation, and I usually begin that conversation with a larger question: Why are you writing a memoir?
Everyone loves a good story. We all know one when we read one. But what makes a good story?