How to Play Today's Publishing Game

Last Updated on February 15, 2022

Book writer, other jobsIt can be difficult for authors, whether they work with a major publishing house or independently publish, to stand out in today's crowded, cutthroat market. What can you do to enhance your public profile and reach as many readers as possible?

The following articles provide tips and updates on building an author platform and making connections, as well as protecting your work from piracy:

  1. Author Platform Success Plan” — No matter how your book is published, all authors need a game plan for marketing their books and engaging readers. The Happy Self-Publisher shares how to build an author platform.
  2. From Fun to Serious: How I Use Pinterest Differently Now” — You know how important social media is as a part of your author platform. Frances Caballo explains how you can turn your Pinterest account into a powerful tool for enhancing your online profile.
  3. Superstar Editor Krista Marino on Championing Books and the Publishing Climate” — Nathan Bransford's interview with an editor from a major publishing house reveals inside secrets on how to successfully promote books in today's world—and how a dedicated editor can help you.
  4. 3 Piracy Protection Tactics for Writers” — Many authors love ebooks for their ability to reach anybody, anywhere, but the dark side of this technology is the potential for digital piracy. WriteHacked shares advice on the wisest course of action if it happens to you.
  5. Seventy-Eight Agents to Follow on Twitter” — Few people are as attuned to the ever-shifting trends of the publishing world as literary agents. This list from Poets & Writers is a good place to find contacts on the cutting edge.
  6. 5 On: Sandra Gulland” — In this interview from Jane Friedman, author Sandra Gulland shares her recipe for success: how to write a compelling story, how to engage readers, and how to carve out a niche for yourself in today's crowded market.

If you know of any other articles or blog posts that can help other writers promote their work, please share them in the comments below.


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